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I grew up in Michigan and moved to southern Ohio to complete my education and begin my career. I have had the privilege of accompanying a fine man through his journey, raising three outstanding humans, and being surrounded by the creative energy of students and colleagues for 28 years. Now that I have retired from teaching I have returned home to the Mitten to enjoy my siblings and the woods and lakes that seem to be part of my soul.  Art has always been who I am, how I process, how I breathe. 

Through the yearsI have become increasingly interested in the journey of the question rather than the destination of the answer. My newest work explores the complexites within the 24 hours of a day, the accumulation of these days into months and years, and the layers of emotion, event, thought and circumstance contained within every moment.

IMy work is mostly watercolor, often collaged. Each piece is built with bits and pieces in multiple layers creating a complex whole.

If my work connects with you, please feel free to reach out via email, and follow me on Instagram for updates.

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